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31. März & 01. April 2022

100 Years Hinterkaifeck - Reading with theatre, Rosinger Hof (D)

To mark the 100th anniversary, a reading with a short play will be held at Rosinger Hof, Bavaria as a foretaste of the play "Die Lerche von Hinterkaifeck", which will be performed in summer 2022. Further information and tickets are available at www.ntv-tickets.de

Ab 08. Juli 2022

100 Years Hinterkaifeck - Open air theatre "Die Lerche von Hinterkaifeck" presented by Neuburger Volkstheater, Haus im Moos (D)

Tickets for theatre performance "Die Lerche von Hinterkaifeck", based on the novel by Adolf J. Köppel, can be found here.

27. und 28. März 2020

Reading with theatre play, Gasthof Bogenrieder in Waidhofen (D)


22. November 2019, entry 19:30 Uhr

Reading, Burgkeller Rebstein (CH)

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01. February 2019

Reading with dinner, Restaurant Hecht, Widnau (CH)

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31. May 2018

Reading, Habsburg Widnau (CH)

Private Event, Kulturverein Widnau

06. April 2018

Reading, More and More Books Altstätten (CH)

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